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“Modern Man is both a Messenger with a desire to transmit, and a Punk Demiurge, characterized by a destructive instinct”

The photographer-plastic artist, Gérard Rancinan, and the author, Caroline Gaudriault, have long compared notes on their era, expressing their respective visions of society and its contemporaries by means of a scenographic artistic oeuvre that reflects their uninterrupted discussion.

With their latest project The Destiny of Men, Parts I and II, photography and the written word engage in a fruitful dialogue once again.

Urban Spree – Berlin – Germany

Exhibition from May 13th to May 29th 2016

Nothing escapes its nature, however cruel and deviant it might be. Yet, Man owes his historical evolution to his desire to elevate and transcend himself. In this confrontation with himself, half-angel, half-warrior, he seems to be motivated – or saved – by his immaterial side, his thought and his curiosity.

The Destiny of Men, Part II, describes the vicissitudes of a man in search of freedom. He is inscribed in the contemporary era, all the better to call that era into question. Without taboos he observes – he who believes only in his own free will – this new consensual social order of the aseptic, of the politically correct, and of self-censorship. Through the metaphor of luxury, Man agrees to be angel and demon, no longer in order to transcend himself but, instead, to be able to transgress and feel human again.

The Destiny of Men, Part I and II, is an artistic and allegorical proposition on Modern Man, both a Messenger with a desire to transmit, and a Punk Demiurge, characterized by a destructive instinct.



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