The Scarcity of Miracle, Art-Movie

7 Posted by - 1 January 2016 - News


An art-movie by

Gérard Rancinan


Caroline Gaudriault

“This cinematographic work is a political act, an essay at poetic resistance.”

The Scarcity of Miracle is as much an artistic film that celebrates the power of creativity and the imagination, as it is a diatribe on the excesses of technocratic rationalism.

It confronts us with potential visions of reality and asks the fundamental question of today, namely what happens if one of these visions wins out against the others.

If we suppose that all life is defined as the probability of a miracle, man draws his vital strength from his relationship with a cosmic reality. It is this creative, imaginative and poetic strength that commits him to an energetic wandering and initiates him to the world.

Yet he is prey to human predators, more cruel than any wild beast, wrapped up in black suits, wallowing in their technocratic deviancy. These are the people who exert control, moralize frenetically and impose their diktats. These “hunters” efface all traces of language, all forms of imagination, all free will.

In this cultural shipwreck, these men without imagination attempt to impose their vision.

From the point of view of form, the work combines original artistic writing with cinema, literature, photography, music and choreography.

The work is presented as a triptych that plays on contrasts mirroring realities struggling for supremacy: lyrical aestheticism – deconstruction – discrepancy – repetitive music – contemporary dance.