Livre “Another day on earth” de Caroline Gaudriault

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Another day on earth (selected pieces)

I started with the photograph.  I wasn’t inspired by reality but by the sublimated image, the artistic proposal. (…) The photograph became monochrome to my gaze, for the seascape gradually faded, leaving only the idea.

This artistic vision is a parable, the source of a thousand stories. By going beyond the real, we achieve an abstract image. Like an incision in the canvas by Lucio Fontana, the skyline incrusts its trace within the photograph, thereby becoming the central point of the work.It is even more haunting than I thought. It is all I perceive. (…) It seems reassuring because it provides immensity with visual outline; it serves as a point of reference enabling us to confront space. The horizon is a limit, but it is the horizon that opens the infinite to us.

From this supposedly empty seascape, we hear the silent language of men.

Fixing our gaze on the sea transports us into a painting from the Renaissance, a period in which, for the first time, the horizon was represented from the perspective of an open window, with, perhaps, a skyline in the background. Fixing our gaze on the sea is remembering the first sepia images by Gustave Le Gray. It takes our sight further, beyond the tangible vista. It plunges us into dreams, into the earliest fears of men, inspired by the vision of the infinite, the source of their ambitions. Everything started there. The history of Man finds its origins in this representation of an absolute ideal.

Not to circumscribe human beings is to give them a shot at eternity …

The Book / Collector box :
This box set is published to mark the occasion of the exhibition, “Another Day on Earth” at the Monaco Oceanographic Museum.

Fourteen original photographs by Gérard Rancinan printed on fine art paper, 12.6 x 23.6 inches
A book “Un autre jour sur terre” (French version)/“Another Day on Earth” (English version) by Caroline Gaudriault.
An art video by Gérard Rancinan on a USB key.
200 limited copies signed by the authors
Price : 2 900 €

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